What is Yoga Therapy?

As clinical director of the Rachman Clinic, Dr. Brad Rachman provides naturopathic family care to Black Mountain and the greater community in Asheville, North Carolina. Brad Rachman is also a co-founder, along with his wife Martia, of Black Mountain Yoga, just outside of Asheville, where he oversees curriculum development and performs yoga therapy. Yoga therapy is a therapeutic treatment that combines traditional yoga practices with principles of modern medicine. In yoga therapy, yoga poses and stretches are undertaken under the supervision of a highly trained, skilled yoga therapist for the purpose of treating conditions specific to each individual.

Yoga therapists assess the totality of each patient- mind, body and spirit. They pinpoint areas of discord and carefully design a program of both passive and active yoga poses matched to each client’s health needs. Over time, yoga therapy can also contribute to emotional and spiritual health. People seek yoga therapy for a variety of ailments, including physical pain, chronic conditions, and stress/emotional discord. Yoga therapy complements other medical treatments as well. Scientific research and individual experiences both provide evidence of the effectiveness of yoga therapy in reducing pain and improving overall health. At Black Mountain Yoga, yoga therapy sessions are carried out one-on-one and are tailored to each client’s unique needs. For more information, visit www.blackmountainyoga.com.

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