The Myriad Benefits of Practicing Yoga Regularly

Dr. Brad Rachman, the clinical director of Rachman Clinic of Black Mountain, North Carolina, co-founded Black Mountain Yoga. Through this studio, Dr. Brad Rachman provides a restorative yoga program.
More individuals than ever before are turning to yoga as a method for improving their overall health. Yoga combines physical and mental discipline to relax both the body and mind. Several different styles of yoga exist, but they all combine various poses, or postures, with breathing exercises to reduce stress. Several studies have demonstrated yoga’s ability to enhance mood and sense of well-being while reducing anxiety. An excess of stress can lead to several different medical conditions, making yoga an important aspect of achieving optimal health for many individuals.
In addition to stress reduction, yoga effects greater balance and flexibility while improving one’s strength as well as range of motion. These attributes reduce risk of physical injury during not only other exercise routines but also daily activities. Many people have also turned to yoga to manage their risk for chronic diseases. Researchers have linked yoga to reduced risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. Yoga may also help individuals struggling with depression, chronic pain, and insomnia.

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